Tigger is a small studio based in Malta. Born in the Netherlands as a little hobby and quest to create a little game, until multiple games published.

Making simple games, which look nice and without annoying advertisments, to fully enjoy playing.

Read more about our philosophy, what we want to accomplish and who we actually are.


Most games in the app stores are either free or paid, where free usually means it will be filled with advertisements or other upsell posibilities. Which the user will eventually do because it will be impossible to play the game without paying for it. We believe, that we can actually make free games, which are playable and can be fun.

Ofourse we accept money but will rely on the kindness of people who play our games. We believe players will pay for something also without getting annoyed into doing so.


We want to create awareness and respect for good gaming. Gaming doesnt have to cost a lot of money, or sell your soul to be able to play a game.


At the moment we are only a small team; Sil who does the development and design of the games and Yeva who is in charge of the online marketing.